People need to date in their age range.

Men, too. I'm in kind of a weird position because... I'm a demisexual woman, which basically means I need a strong emotional connection before I'm even interested. People say, that's just normal, but I've never been in a relationship and am still a virgin at 35, so you tell me. My first love was this guy I worked with, I was 26 and he was 20. Which seems like there would be a huge gap in maturity, but like... Given my lack of experience and the fact that I'd been a homebody... I was baby. Seriously, I was so excited to finally feel something for someone that I just threw myself into it head-first and got obsessed. Now, I was mature enough to keep the obsessive aspect to myself. But like, I made way more out of it than it was. No one around us thought it was weird, though; when I brought up the age difference, our friends said, "So?" He once told me I was, "Really innocent." He wasn't interested, but kept kinda flirting with me? He was just a flirty person. Still, I felt like he led me on... But then I was like, well what did I expect from someone that age? Then again, what did I expect from myself? Just because I was chronologically older... I was like a high school girl, but that's just where I was. He totally could've taken advantage of me if he'd wanted to.

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