**People need to FOLLOW THE RULES**

I just can't ignore this subreddit any longer. I'm clearly missing the point of the sub, but there's still some interesting posts. What happened to our subreddit? Nobody cares about it and when I bring it up that I used to post here, there's always negative comments saying that I ruined it. To be honest, I'm feeling upset that our subreddit isn't what it was before I came and there's literally nothing I can do about it. I've tried a long time ago and still failed to understand. You've turned me into a mature teenager and I wish that I could fix this subreddit for you. Maybe, I thought wrong about creating another subreddit. Maybe, I should've kept my friend instead of coming here and fucking it all up for you. I just want to create original content and expect a fun enviroment. I guess I'm just not mature enough for you. I'm sorry.

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