People of Reddit,why did you quit your job?

I quit my last one because of a lack of sympathy from my boss.

My grandmother died. Since my parents were in Australia on vacation (We live in BC Canada), the care home in central Canada called me. I lived thousands of miles away and couldn't do anything. I was also at work. I was rather upset, but my boss only told me to take 5 in the back before coming back out.

Only after a customer asked why I looked so sad and I burst out crying did I get sent home, and only because my coworkers teamed up against my boss to send me home.

Except I wasn't living at home. I was house and cat sitting at my parents for the month they were away.

Three days later one of the cats starts peeing blood. The two cats were quite old; I loved them more than anything because we'd got them when I was a teenager living at home.

My sister and I rushed the cat to the vet and called off work for two days as we spent our time there freaking out. This cat was our mom's baby and she was in Australia and so upset she wasn't there for him.

My boss told me he needed me at work, but never said I had to come in. I told him I'd be back in in a few days.

We took the cat home, he'd been on meds and was doing okay. Went back to work for two days.

The next morning we woke up to a clearly dying cat. He couldn't walk. So we drove to the vets and said goodbye while my parents were on speaker phone.

I told my boss I needed another couple of days. I was numb;my cats were my babies. I'm a woman in my 30s and I'll never have kids, just cats.

He was very unhappy but didn't explicitly say no.

After the weekend I go back to work. He takes me into his office and tells me that it was only a cat.

Literally two days later the other cat is obviously on his way out. His lungs collapsed around 9pm (he had lung problems for over a year at that point). By 3am we found a vet who came to the house and put him down then and there, again with my parents on speaker phone. Reminder, this was their house and the cats we'd had for 18 and 12 years.

I took another two days off work.

My boss tells me I'd abandoned my job, but as I was the best salesperson he had he didn't fire me. But he did go on and on about how it was just an animal and how he didn't even take any time off when his family died.

Well, I'm sorry. Holding someone I love as the light fades from their eyes and their body cools is rather traumatizing. For a few more days he's all passive aggressive to the point other employees are getting angry at him.

Cue another "talk". He says I'm like "a cancer on the store" with my negative attitude lately. Well, I'm sorry. Three people I loved just died within the span of two weeks and I didn't have anyone there with me for support except my sister, and she was a mess.

After that cancer comment got around the store everyone was pissed.

I gave my notice. Let one of my favourite contractor customers know I was quitting.

He hired me then and there and here I am making way more as an office manager, and I'm sitting on reddit listening to music with slippers on. Made working those last two weeks much easier.

I still miss my babies every day, though.

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