People of Reddit, how are you today? What do you need to get off your chest?

I guess I’m just angry and extremely hurt and it’s why I’m writing this now. I had been seeing this guy which happened to be my neighbor for the past 6 weeks. I have been single for four years and in a “drought” the past year and few months. He was nice, handsome, seemed really caring, listened to me and we enjoyed alot of the same things. I slowly let my guard down and after all this time, I thought why not?..We had a great time. My therapist even said that it could be worth giving it a try if I felt comfortable.

He got his phone stolen the past three weeks and didn’t renew. I understand he had a huge amount to payoff the lost phone so he was waiting a bit. He came knocking on my door when he wanted to hangout and it was refreshing not to have to text and made me happy to see him everytime. This past weekend, he left Friday to see his family for Canadian thanksgiving.

So his roomie and I who have become acquainted and got along super well (he’s a gamer and overall nerd and we had lots of common favorites!), decided to order pizza because he said he’d be back around dinner time. Time passed and he arrived at 10:30PM...accompanied by none other than a girl and her luggage. I shook her hand, confused. He introduced his roommate and I. I felt feverish and feared the worst. She went to the bathroom and I asked him if we could talk, alone. We went to my place (downstairs basically) and I asked who she was. He said “It’s complicated.” I knew the next sentences we’re gonna hurt. He said it was his girlfriend. I asked if he had cheated, he said no and that she was his girlfriend since this weekend only and that he had told her about us. I felt sick to my stomach and asked him why the fuck he did that and his response was “I didn’t know what to decide! I was confused! I didn’t know what to do!” What I think he said was to her was: “Oh yeah I fucked my neighbor a couple times but we are just friends now.” What really happened and he should have said: “We had amazing sex but also cuddle sessions discussing our pasts and we bonded through activites such as fishing and visiting museums. We spent pretty much every free minute together and we cooked meals together, watched movies, played video games. I kissed her forehead and told her she was beautiful almost everyday. I grabbed her hand in public and was proud to walk around with her, I introduced her to my friends who all thought she was funny and great. I acted like I was temporarily her boyfriend to see if she was worth it but she was not so I chose you instead.”

The worst part in all of this is that I’m pregnant because of our inattentions with a broken condom. I miscalculated my cycle and took a morning after pill too late for it to be effective as we were on a trip. I’m getting an abortion. But I feel disgusted with myself, disgusted that I believed him, disgusted that I didn’t see what he was really about. I let my guard down too easily. Maybe in a rush, maybe in a high of being told how beautiful and special I am after such a long time of fearing it never happened to me again.

He needs a con artist award. A perfect liar award. He deserves a medal for having put so much effort into something that was literally, in his mind, not even worth it since he was clearly in communication with her the whole time (she lives two provinces away so good luck on his new long distance relationship).

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