People of Reddit. How did things work out with your first love?

So, so poorly.

For reasons that remain bewildering to me, we we're like "the couple" in high school. I don't even really know what that means, to be honest. Neither of us were popular. Or good looking, really. Our 6.5-7 game was strong. But yeah. Other high school kids liked that we dated? Or...I don't know. God high school was fucked up.

Anyway graduation rolled up, and though we had some ups and downs we thought we'd make it work while at college. I didn't even apply to the school she ended up going to.

So I'm at another college and meeting people...and...girls. And, though I have and have never had any game, the idea that I was just letting "it all" pass me by killed me. I became uninterested in maintaining the relationship pretty quickly.

I broke it off. One night she called me at like 3AM on a Tuesday asking if I was cheating on her. Said nope, which was true, but that we were done because this shit is crazy.

The other thing to know is during/after college I lost touch with all my old friends. I basically never went back to my home town. So now it is like five or six years after college graduation, and I meet up with some friends at a wedding.

Old GF is off the rails. Got huge into drugs. Was an addict. Always causing problems. Rehab. Psych wards. Phone calls to friends at all hours of the night not knowing where she was, or saying that some guy just beat the shit out of her. Just miserable.

The icing on the cake is I get the story from my friends and they give me the "look what ya did ya little jerk!" look. They tell me all this like I should be in a tizzy. Yes it sucks her life is fucked up. Sure I feel bad. No I don't care that she fucks non-me dudes. That's what happens. Why would I care about that? They actually asked my opinion on that.

She was at that wedding, met my wife and all this shit. It was uncomfortable. She was shit faced, emotional...Ugh. That was the last time I saw her.

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