People of reddit, what are YOUR 99 problems? (and what isn't one?)

Okay, so I got to 50 (some of these are tongue-in-cheek or white whines, and some are much more serious):

  1. My supervisor made a new role for me at work, but my new responsibilities aren't very defined, and it makes me quite nervous
  2. My dog's arthritis is basically crippling her
  3. My mom and fiancee have an awful relationship
  4. My grandmother needs to have her fifth surgery in the span of two years
  5. My sister-in-law think she's way better than me because her husband makes more money than my fiancee and I do
  6. I don't have many close friends of my own; almost all of my friends are my fiancee's
  7. Severe obsessive-compulsive disorder
  8. Chronic rhinitis
  9. Kidney stones
  10. Social anxiety
  11. Tons of student loans
  12. Wasted potential
  13. A large portion of my extended family has completely cut off me and my immediate family
  14. A long commute to work
  15. I suck at math and it can make everyday life very difficult
  16. I'm pretty thin, but still struggle with body image issues constantly
  17. Adult acne
  18. Extreme nearsightedness
  19. Stress eating
  20. Iron-deficiency anemia
  21. Asthma
  22. Hay fever
  23. Just found out that my great-great uncle, whom I loved and admired and who I saw all the time until his death when I was 16, abused his wife (my beloved great-great aunt)
  24. I'm scared that when I get pregnant, my OCD will flare up worse than ever before and severely impact my mental health
  25. I constantly vacillate between materialism and minimalism, and wanting to be an alpha woman or beta woman
  26. I still hate myself for not getting into U of M when I was a senior in high school...and I'm almost 25
  27. I love going to the movies so much, but can't stand the kind of junk that Hollywood has been shitting out for the past year or so
  28. My fiancee also has an anxiety disorder, and I'm scared that one day, both of our disorders will flare up and it will affect our lives drastically
  29. My fiancee's best friend's sister is one of those girls who looks like a model and who you can't trust with a man for a second, and I know my fiancee thinks she is pretty (granted, he has reassured me I have NOTHING to worry about, but I just get nervous)
  30. My mom's ex-husband cheated on her, treated her horribly for 23 years of marriage, and then walked out on her, devastating her life for the next 10 years and counting
  31. Deep down, I always want people to think I am oh-so smart and beautiful...because I am terribly insecure and I don't know why.
  32. I was conceived through artificial insemination, and have no idea who my biological father is
  33. Michigan weather
  34. People not using their turn signals
  35. My fiancee's dad's house smells like a waste treatment plant, and every time we go over there (which is often), I gag and want to vomit
  36. My mom and grandmother are the highest-rated travel agents for guilt trips
  37. My fiancee's and my political beliefs are very different, and he and his friends constantly troll me about it and rub it in my face
  38. Fucking rape apologists in Congress and everywhere else
  39. I am mentally masochistic, and get a twisted pleasure out of looking at things I will never have and imagining a lifestyle I will never obtain, and comparing myself to those who appear to be prettier and smarter
  40. I am strangely fascinated by and obsessed with the WASP lifestyle and old money, even though I have neither and think both are rooted in profound social and economic injustice. Sometimes, deep down, I wish I could just lounge on my sailboat in the French Riviera, getting sunkissed in my Sperrys and Lacoste polo. I HATE that I am drawn to this kind of stuff.
  41. Extreme corporate greed
  42. I didn't go into a STEM field, and now it feels like that's all that matters in the job market today
  43. I learned jack shit in graduate school
  44. I am obsessed with buying makeup and shopping for clothes. But mostly buying makeup. It's almost a compulsion. So yes, you can see why this is problematic.
  45. There has always been a part of me that wants to be very popular--the type of girl who gets into the best sorority, a lady who lunches, you know--and then a bigger part of me that realizes that quality is more than quantity. But the urge is still there.
  46. Chronic toe-walking
  47. I have an incredibly goofy sense of humor, and most people really, really, REALLY don't get it
  48. I went through so much schooling, and all I wanted to do is be a stay-at-home mom
  49. As the famous quote goes, I am constantly caught between the desire to improve the world and the desire to enjoy it.
  50. My mom has inner-ear problems, recently lost all of her hearing in one ear, and has severe vertigo that impacts her life in a major way

What isn't my problem? The fact that I have people who love me, a home, a job, enough money to live comfortably, good enough health, and a lot to look forward to.

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