People of Reddit, what was the dumbest thing you got punished for in school?

I've always been a regular shitter. I wake up and in about 90 minutes I am ready to drop my deuce for the day. Almost every day this happens, even now, 10 years after this incident.

I was a pretty good kid in general, never really getting in a lot of trouble and my grades were always good, but definitely a punk weirdo and the teachers who weren't familiar with me were sometimes pretty suspicious of me. Senior year of high school I had a teacher in my first period who was a bit of an asshole. I had never had her before and she just assumed I was a weirdo up to no good. Like I said, I am very regular. I would say 4/5 times a week I would ask to leave around the same time during first period, go take a dump, and return about 5-10 minutes later. This was an English class and I always had A's in English growing up, this class was no exception even though it was an AP class. I'm saying this to hammer home that this obviously wasn't affecting my performance.

One day I get up to ask her to use the restroom (it's cliche, but I was getting very tired of having to ask this woman to use the restroom as I was eighteen and a grown ass adult who obviously wasn't into any bullshit) and she refuses me. She says she thinks it's odd that I leave to use the restroom around the same time every day. She also eludes to me leaving to go get high. I definitely got high in high school, sometimes before high school, so she probably has seen me blitzed and figures that's all I ever do. She was wrong, I'm not a dumbass who brings weed to school and risks serious trouble to smoke it in a bathroom. This was second semester senior year and I had just gotten accepted to college on federal aid that would be lost if I caught a drug charge. I tell her she's wrong and that I am a regular shitter (not in these words) and that it happens to fall about halfway through this period and if I hold it I am super distracted and also in pain. She tells me I'll just have to hold it. I feel pissed but can't do much without causing a scene so I go back to my desk and, sure enough, am in pain the rest of the class and then am almost late to my next one as a result of squeezing in a shit between periods.

The next time I have to shit I tell her I am going whether she likes it or not and we can settle this with the principal. I'm an adult and not up to anything I just have to take a massive dump at the same time every day. She tells me to leave and go to the principal's office. My parents get called and everything. It's absurd. All over me just having to shit predictably. My parents show up and I explain to them exactly what's going on. They know I am not a bad kid. Never had detention, had at least a B in every class, was going to college after the summer. They are on my side. We sit down with the principal and teacher and I literally just explain to the principal that I have predictable shits and if I don't it will result in me being distracted and in pain and I am just leaving to go shit when there is a pause in her teaching. We go over my grades, I even offer to let them search my locker for weed if they actually think I was trying to leave to smoke.

The principal was on her side for maybe 2 minutes before getting visibly upset that this teacher was wasting everyone's time. I got given a hall pass for that same time every day and just got up and left without asking from that moment forward.

She gave me an A- which I interpreted as a "fuck you".

TL;DR I was a regular shitter in high school and am now, making it so I usually left class around the same time almost ever day. Teacher got suspicious and thought I was doing drugs. I wasn't and refused to be a grown man holding in his shit when there was a restroom nearby. She got my parents and teachers involved, who all agreed it was a waste of everyone's time.

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