People of Reddit, what feels better than having a orgasm?

Opiates. Theres a reason people dont give a shit about losing their family when they're high or will do all kind of unthinkable things to get more. It's like standing between a religious fundamentalist and their goal. You're only an obstacle to a literal heaven on earth, and they're willing to do anything to achieve it.

It feels like a warm thick liquid going up your arm. Like warm gravy but not gross or sticky. It creeps up bringing a numbness, but like the opposite of your leg is asleep prickly numbness. Just absolute pleasure. It's like the venom symbiote moving up to your neck. Then it hits your head and everything slows. Your vision loses focus. Peoples voices slow down. After a minute time is moving at a normal pace, but who cares? It doesnt matter. Nothing matters. Pleasures overwhelming. You're a little sleepy, pleasantly nodding in and out to the most beautiful and vivid daydreams. It's like the "pure imagination" song from willy Wonka is playing. Euphoria. Like it was the first day of cool crisp autumn and you were curled up in bed with hot cocoa. Like you had worked a 12 hour construction worker shift and came home and sat in the nicest jet-lined hot tub money could buy. You dont want to move and anybody who fucks with you is evil because they stand between you and perfection. You might get sick and have to puke, but if you do that's fine too. It doesnt matter. Not the first time you've puked right?

But if you're not taking it ethically, like unless you just had a major surgery, you'll notice theres still some tiny itch in the back of your mind. One painful twinge of conscience. You hoped you could outrun whatever your problem was. But you look over your shoulder and it's still there. You've put a little temporary distance between it and you, but it won't ever lose you. Soon you're more terrified of the withdrawals than the original problem. Nothings free, shit isnt cheap. You're creating more problems between physical withdrawals and the money to pay for it. Your original problem seems nothing compared to what you face now. But hey, wouldn't it be nice to put some distance between you and your problems for a little while?

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