People of Reddit, what is that one moment that makes you shudder of embarrassment every time you think of it?

I had a class wih this guy, T, and we talked every once in a while. He was really funny and smart and we got along really well. I had a boyfriend at the time and he had a girlfriend and we didn't see each other outside of class much.

I broke up with my boyfriend, then there was a huge party on the last day of classes, and I lived in Rez so I started drinking at 10:00am. I was already pretty tipsy by 2:00pm when I ran into him. He hugged me and we were chatting and laughing and he said something about me being super hot. Then I gave him my number. My friends wanted to go somewhere so I hugged him again and I left. Then fifteen minutes after, I realize, woah, we were flirting -like that whole time. I thought my feelings were not reciprocated at all, so with this newfound revelation I fixed my sights on getting him.

I start texting him and at first it was flirty, then I start saying things like "I want you." And he responded with "Sorry, girlfriend, I love her." blah blah blah and "I said something like we should meet up."

So he says come to this club downtown and I, stupid drunk, get on the train and head downtown. My sense of direction is trash sober so I get completely lost, drunk. I phone a friend and he gets me to the club and I text T and he says he left. So I call him and he says hes at the train station. I say something about sucking his dick and he hangs up. He sounded sober and I've begun to sober up as well.

And I realize I'm a scared drunk girl, wandering around downtown. So I get directions to the train station and head back to my dorm feeling like a total idiot. Then before falling asleep I text him a drunken apology which was just so awful.

The next morning he replies with I love my girlfriend, lets be friends and I never replied.

I haven't talked to him since. He broke up with his girlfriend and I thought about talking to him but the shame prevents me from even looking at him directly.

So, yeah. If only I had gone to bed...

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