People of Reddit; what is a question you have for the opposite sex that you wouldn’t say irl?

Had you done your research you'd know I'm right. I never said your experiences were invalid, you're just too focused on yourself. I said men have much higher sex drive than women, this is a generalized statement and is done all the times. I'm sorry if you can't understand this.

And I love the fact that you’re implying I’m stupid because I have PTSD from getting raped multiple times

I didnt know that, nor do I care. This is irrelevant and you're better off keeping it to yourself.

I’d like to hear about what you’ve done with your life and about all the intellectual stuff you’ve done, because I guarantee you, I’ve got you beat.

I'm not discussing my personal life here, but considering from your profile picture its obvious your mom still spoonfeeds you and you haven't graduated college, I undeniably have you beat. Stop with the delusions. This is not even relevant to this conversation.

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