People of reddit what was your worst Karen encounter?

I was in a foreign country (where people assume foreigners are stupid) in line for the ATM, about 8 feet back from the ATM itself. A woman (local) just walks two feet, right in front of me, and pretends she didn't know I was standing in line. So I told her that I was in line for the ATM, and she said, "Oh, well, you should have gotten closer. Sorry." and implied that she wasn't going to let me go first.

So I notioned for a mall security guard to come closer and told him what was up. He spoke to her in the local language and she got this terribly offended look on her face and pretended she didn't speak English and said some things to him, which at the time I wouldn't have understood. She told him that I was harassing her and also that she was there before me.

The guard told her he was pretty sure he saw me first, and the guy at the ATM had finished by then and told the guard as well that I was there before she was.

She literally burst into tears and went off on a xenophobic tangent about how foreigners don't respect the locals and even though "[he lives] in the Philippines he doesn't know how to speak our language" (I had been in this city for only about one week) and that she was going to report me to immigration as an "undesirable alien". She slammed her purse down on the ground to try and make a scene, as people were watching by then, and picked it up and walked away saying some things in Cebuano.

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