People of Reddit whats something you wanted to tell your parents but won't because it'll break their heart? (Serious)

That the relationship they're trying to force or develop with me now (24) is impossible because they ruined their chances as I was growing up. That i do love them but I would cut them off with no remourse if I feel they've gone too far on something (My mom tests this limit often). That its messed up to call me cold hearted and joke about how I don't love anyone when its not my fault that I currently struggle with forming basic, healthy, human relationships and don't understand emotions (whether my own or others). I've never had a real relationship with anyone thats not family because they made no effort to be parents that nurtured their children (younger brother and I) as they developed but were instead content to just hope for the best as we looked to others to raise us. It doesn't help that when I did start to make friends i was always confined to the house. I couldn't go anywhere. No movies, sleepovers, birthday parties, nothing. But now they wonder why I don't go out more.

Its insane I had to depend on strangers to help me with everything from puberty to boys, even taking care of my basic needs because They didn't show me. That its when we hit the age where we no longer crave our parent's attention that they decide to care more. That's when they decided they want to hold on tighter to their kids and are upset that we're actively trying to leave. That they forced me to drop out of university and move to another country to work when I never had to and now I'm stuck and I resent them for that. I could've finished my education and have a career now. But they don't think about that in the grand scheme of things they wanted. I hate that. I keep saying I need to get away. The "from them" was always silent so I didn't hurt any feelings. (Typed on mobile sorry if its weird)

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