People of Reddit whats something you wanted to tell your parents but won't because it'll break their heart? (Serious)

That I hate them.. they tried to keep me and my siblings apart in order to control how we grow up. My sister was always the troubled sibling and they thought if we were all separated, we wouldn’t be like her. They locked us up in the house for our whole lives, preventing us from going outside and having a childhood. They never allowed us to have friends, or any type of life outside of home. My mom always held over my head that “I owe her my life” because she took care of me when I had leukemia. They always mentally abused us as kids and made us hate each other. Luckily now me and my siblings are closer than ever. I haven’t talked to my mom in a year, but I try to keep a relationship with my dad because he wasn’t as bad. He was just controlling. My parents are Muslim, and I recently started dating the love of my life almost two years ago. I live with him and I’ve met his whole family who love me. My parents have no idea where I live and know nothing about me. It breaks my heart because my boyfriend thinks I’m hiding him from them... but in reality I know they would do everything in their power to destroy our relationship because they disapprove. Idk what to do.

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