People of Reddit, what's your "I don't want you as a friend anymore" moments. When you realize that someone is not a good friend towards you?

I have this guy in my class at high school, who I occasionally have to meet in class, but otherwise I have cut all ties him.

The reason to it is that he pretty much is an asshole. He thrives on being mean and criticizing others. You could almost say anything to him and he would tell you why you are wrong. I once said that I liked the school lunch and he called me a fucking idiot all day after that.

He's also a huge hypocrite. In school, he compares himself to and wants to be better than everyone else. He says that he's doing better than you in school, but almost never shows you his grades. If he asks what you got on a test and you answer as well as ask "what about you", he will either lie or refuse to answer you. Another friend of mine told me that he has lied about multiple test scores in the past.

Also, when you help him in school (which he will ask you to do all the time, he barely does any work himself), he will never give you any credit. I wrote a speech for the guy and he didn't even thank me afterwards.

He also brags a shit-ton. He has said that he has a fuck buddy and that all girls go crazy for him (both of which turned out to be false). Other topics he brags about is his family's riches and his "grades", which aren't even that high. He can also brag about how much weed he smokes and alcohol he drinks, which gets quite annoying since you know he is lying. And that's another thing, he is a huge liar. He pretty much lies about half the things he says, so you can't trust him.

It's safe to say I don't hang out with him anymore...

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