People of Reddit, what's your "I don't want you as a friend anymore" moments. When you realize that someone is not a good friend towards you?

I've got a select group of friends (4-5) people I used to hang out with non stop for about 7-8 years now and it just seems like they did nothing but mooch off of me for those years. Basically everything I have done for them in the past I could never expect any of them to do for me then or now. It's a scenario where I could ask and they'd be super hesitant and be like "I dunno man" and then do it out of pity or not at all. Sometimes they also pretend like I never asked for their help/support and try to end the conversation asap and change the subject if I bring it up again.

It's just like a what point did the friendship quit being a friendship? The point where I am no longer "useful" or "viable" as a friend? Is it because I'm now reluctant to do whatever they want because now I question if the friendship is real? I don't know, just feel like a fool for tolerating it for so long considering I'm the poorest friend out of the group and would have done anything to help a friend in need regardless of my financial situation and the moment I expect minor help (which I always pay back in certain ways) they almost won't even contemplate it.

This is where it gets me is the fact it seems they would go out of their way to do anything for one another but I'm the odd one out.

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