People of Reddit, When is one time you have felt genuine, 100% fear?

As a result of my volunteer work for an organization, I had to go to a federal prison and conduct interviews with some of the prisoners who had just got caught up in a bit of a pickle. So I went in on a quiet Saturday afternoon. The guards walked me down the concrete hall and into a little concrete interview room with giant metal doors. I have never been in a prison before, so they explained that they will be locking me in, but if I needed to get out, to hit the panic button. So they brought the prisoner (who I never met) in and locked us in. Two minutes after I started asking my questions, the power failed. The room was pitch black. I reached back to hit the panic button, but it was dead. I jumped up toward the door and it naturally wouldn’t budge. It was about three minutes before I finally heard the guards muffled running footsteps and yells to “get her out of there!” And the door finally came open. Across the hall I could see another woman who must have also been volunteering, staring blankly out of her door and past the guards, paler than a ghost.

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