People of Reddit who had a partner that went through a traumatic sexual experience, how did you reintroduce sex so that he/she felt comfortable and loved? [Serious]

I'm the partner who constitutes as someone who had to be reintroduced to...amorous pursuits after experiencing a heinous rape. It quickly became apparent that my capacity for sexual desire had been tainted; what was once had been a whimsical delight of unadulterated hedonism and adoration for my partner now dissipated in the wake of a new insidious exigency.

Ineffable indignation. Every subsequent attempt at intimacy was subsumed with a vicarious inclination for retribution, new partners presented an opportunity as they became my conduit. My rapist had a very generic face with little to distinguish him from any other man, my mind was efficient at obviating my partner's true form and replicating what I recollected.

The repercussions of this was the diminishing of empathy and I grew more adept at manipulating the already pliant mind of someone who cared for me. I'd instigate situations where we'd 'fight', I'd antagonize him until he conceded to dominated sex as he developed an aversion to the act towards the end of our relationship. I must credit him with his forbearance and tolerance, he indulged me far longer than either of us should have. We lived a dissolute lifestyle under the misconception I reciprocated his feeling, I slapped him for depraved reasons and he endured it for love. I'm remorseful and he's in a happier relationship now.

Since then, I've managed to conciliate my aberrant need for revenge. But it's manifested as something much more repugnant without a physical release....I want to cannibalize him now. I want to digest my rapist and defecate him into a shallow grave so I can routinely urine on his remnants.

So, it's been going great!

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