People of Reddit who've committed a crime, what led you to do it? Do you regret it?

With two jobs I still couldn’t afford groceries, I started going to self check out and stealing food because I was hungry, tired, and desperate. I’d leave with 50 bucks worth of groceries having scanned maybe 15 bucks of it. I still feel guilty to this day. My inner self keeps saying there was a way through it without collecting all that bad karma but at the time I felt option-less and took the easiest way I could find to survive. I hold onto that and use it as encouragement to be better, even through times of struggle. I now avoid self check out to avoid temptation of how damn easy it is to get away with. I actually don’t give a shit about corporate America I just know the difference between right and wrong and I have a guilty conscience. Being poor can be quite an ethical struggle.

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