Why do people think rides like this are acceptable? Then the passenger catches an attitude when I tell em it’s a no go lmao.

I had one today going about 40 miles, an hour+ trip Lyft gave me no details or warning about prior, out of my city to the countryside. While beautiful out there, 3rd ride of an $18 streak still wasn't enough to justify my time I'd spend passengerless without some sort of guarantee that Id get more than Lyfts base fare card rate. Before the passenger even got in my car, I rolled down the window, and suggested it was too far to go without discussing money to help cover my return trip. That was my problem right there. I will never explain that again. I will either state clearly "to go that far I will need x amount extra up front please" and then explain if they ask. The swearing and yelling at me that followed while i tried to be as professional and polite about it as possible was absurd. Don't give people like that the time of day. It's not worth it.

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