People of SG, what do you think about the future of people who want to be technical workers in Singapore?

I think people skills and having a higher emotional intelligence along with being able to convince others of this is how you make the step to a higher salary.

For context, I'm working in software as an expat and make double your current salary. My coding skills are lack luster but I do code every day but furthermore I know how to write, share my vision and understand others and while working with a team of others, how to bring this vision into reality.

My suggestion is start blogging or a YouTube channel where you make tutorials. Open source projects are everywhere, go through Apaches list of projects and pick up 1 or 2 as a hobby and see if you can incorporate it into your toolkit of skills. Having more technologies under your belt, even being able to speak of them is great.

Ama. Good luck!

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