People should stop acting so awful towards the unvaccinated

I find my experience to be quite different to people being nasty to me, honestly. I'm not vaccinated but I ensure I take all measures to stay safe. I still wear masks in public places, use sanitiser and generally only leave the house when it's needed, or I go for a walk since I work at home anyway. (Most people I see walk into shops, take none of these mesures).

Most people I've discussed with with, usually have the attitude of 'it's totally up to you, no one else's buisness'.

I do not believe COVID is a hoax, however I don't like medicine, I won't even usually take pain killers for headaches. I'm a big believer in keeping you body strong naturally and allowing your immune system to take care of itself. Treat your body well and your body will treat you well.

This is of course just my views and by no means would I discourage anyone to not get the jabs or encourage people not to.

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