people shouldn't use female as a noun

Look at this shit. Like this is beyone unpopular.. and just plain stupid.

Offended by the word female.... seriously.... If i had to rate this ppst with 1 to 5 stars.... i give it a solid a negative

This is why the patriarchy will never be brought down. Men/Males are trying to find ways to bounce back from the situation we are in right now and Femnazis are literally focusing on words that have been around for thousands of years and and have been used atleast a big Million billion times. Men are building the robots build the facilities so humans can colonize mars, the rocket ships to take us there. Building technologies that exceed our imaginations until we see them. Aaaand women are worried if the word "female" is mean or not...


Theyll never take us down at this rate, but good luck. I see your uphill battle, females, and ima just drop a bunch of oil on that hill just to make thing interesting and help build yall slme character.

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