Why do people still visit and host family they hate?

I've always liked the holidays, at least with my family. I definitely don't have an ideally functional family either, actually quite the opposite- it's just all about perspective. I like to sit back and watch the shit show unfold personally. My boyfriend had a great time doing that at the last few family events of mine he attended, because his family is small and he is the youngest person by at least 40 years so nothing too exciting happens there- only political talk (they're all long term communists, politics are their only topic pretty much). Also, I love food and especially holiday food. It would take a LOT to make me dread thanksgiving, haha! I think it would be different if I hosted my own, but I do hope to do that eventually so I'll find out then. I think having a sense of optimism or humor coming into basically any situation helps, though.

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