Why do people suck? I can tell you.

Remember it's that one woman's interpretation of things, and you can always try to break that perceived stereotype. I'm nice enough that people can actually tell me that ("it's creepy you're so nice sometimes") and they know I'm not actually creepy but they say it as a heads up. Or at least they did when I didn't completely seem to succumb to my depression and disappeared. Now I try to be back and it's all in vain because no one wants to hear me anymore or listen to my creative output (music, I make pretty decent pop/EDM -music and started in 1997). Everyone just ghosts me and says they're too busy to even listen when I spend hours per day making tracks JUST for them (often remixes/covers of music we liked as kids) spending 3-4 hours just fine tuning a kick drum on my computer or tweaking the hertzes on a backing synth.

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