People have a valid reason to be worried about Islam/Muslims

I think ‘Islamic Extremist’ is a misnomer in my opinion. All the Muslims I know don’t believe in the crazy ideology of the terrorists. By calling them ‘Islamic Extremists’, we basically justify that the 99.999999% of peaceful Muslims have the potential to be ‘Islamic Extremists’. The fact is they don’t.

Although there is no media coverage, there are, to put it your way, ‘Christian Extremists’. Just look at the planned parenthood attack in 2015, where he praised a ‘Christian’ terrorist group (

Do the 99.99999% of Christians believe they can fall into terrorism-level extremism in their religion, or that these individuals are even worthy of the title ‘Christian’? The answer is no.

All of these terror groups should be called just that: Terrorists. They aren’t worthy of being ascribed to any religion where 99.9999% of their identifiers are peaceful.

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