People who have an ex with mental health issues, how did it effect your relationship and ultimate breakup?

The parents of my last ex decided to divorce when we had been together for 7-8 months. She fell in a quite strong depression, so I tried my best to help her but in the end she just ended up dragging me with her.

She would be sad all the time, so I would try to be there with her whenever she needed to speak with someone. In the end that made me spend too much time caring about her and I isolated myself and lost most of my friends. She lost all her sexual appetite, so I started to feel unatractive and not desired. When she was with me she would mostly cry and speak about her parents, never caring about me and with the time making me feel that she didnt love me, that she was with me just because she needed me.

After half a year of this I realized that I didnt love her anymore, but I stayed with her because she needed me and I didnt want her to have to deal with this alone. I expected her to overcome it, to return to be the amazing person I had fell in love with, but after 4-5 months more of the same I decided that it was enough and that I couldnt continue like this.

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