I think people who are bothered/offended by quiet people are really insecure

What if that's just the absolute best that person can do?

What if they'd rather be dead than alone?

What if they just need to see and hear other people doing what they wish they could do?

What if there's no judgement or criticism implied by their silence, but only longing?

What if they wish they could speak but are afraid to, fearing that everyone will expect their first words to be meaningful while they themselves know that those first words will only be broken and stuttering and perhaps even frightened?

What if they feel like the chicken that has a spot of blood on it and knows that it's about to pecked to death by the other chickens?

What if what's going on with them isn't anything like what others imagine is going on with them? Should they perhaps just go away and die because they can't get with the program?

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