People who are into dark humor, where do you draw the line?

You draw the line where ever you need it. I make jokes about all sorts of stuff all of the time which I understand and the people I am saying them to understand. I think that the only time I have ever really thought I have crossed the line is when I showed this girl who I was pretty interested in a meme that was something along the lines of 'when your neighbours autistic child shits in your garden again so you run them over with your lawnmower' [insert picture of that fat person from moana] 'What can I say except your welcome?' Her brother was severely autistic. Let's just say that she had about a 20 minute rant at me for being a horrible human being and we haven't really spoken since (this was about 2 years ago I think). But apart from that, I haven't really offended anyone seriously and only say really dark stuff to people I know will take it as a joke and not like she did.

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