people who are upset by the rise in representation of minorities and lgbtq+ people in media, why?

LGBT female here.

It's insulting. Not that there is "a rise" in representation... just in the way it is being done.

Tell me the goal- is it for "equal representation" for the population? If so, what population are you focused on? Is it the population of the nation, the world, or of a city? The population of Miami is different than the population of Ontario. The population of Georgia (USA) is different than the population of the PNW.

Should American billboards with 5 people on it try to make "30%" of those folks black, and one of them gay? If the black population isn't 40% exactly, how do you accurately represent diversity if a given population is like 45% black? Do you add black person #3 to the billboard, or just another white person? Do you change the billboard based on the state population or is that too broad? What about in Atlanta? What about Helena?

How do you make a 5 person advertisement 50% male and 50% female?

If you need two different billboards because you need two different photo shoots, are you really focused on promoting your product or is a little bit of your focus on your percieved virtue?

I do not like being pandered to. I can enjoy shows with zero bisexual people in them. I do not like this current trend of "how do I make this character compelling? I know! Now she's a lesbian!" or "How can we show that this character has a lot of deep background pain? I know, we will make him trans!" I do not need to "see myself" in every show. I did not watch Game of Thrones to see a bisexual mixed race wife do laundry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays! I am not watching the Wheel of Time so that I can be reminded that multiple races exist.

This no longer feels like extending the circle of acceptance. It is becoming a forced effort to show off how virtuous a company is. It's just performance.

No amount of changing rainbow flag pictures on the internet is going to erase the fact that a company still does business in the M.E. - and doesn't change their profile picture for that branch of the company. You can't show off your sponsorship of the Pride parade while simultaneously shaking hands with people who are so disgusted by gay folks that they want to kill them with rocks and brooms.

There is one, and only one, way to include people and accept them for who they are. And that is to treat them as normally as you treat your own group, whenever you encounter them in the wild. That doesn't mean "shower them with special attention" or "loudly announce how much you totally like gay people, here, in the free country, where everybody can be whatever they want (while ignoring the countries who are actually oppressing and killing gay people)". In fact, it will most likely involve giving the same good-natured insults you give to the friends you already have. Gayness, womanhood, and minority status is not a taboo, you are not progressive or "different" for supporting it.

Just be normal.

Story time: Some years back, I had my first semester in college. I went for a STEM degree (and was consistently top of my classes) and there was this one guy who would hound me about how amazing I was for being a woman in STEM. He would repeatedly shower me with praise, and ask me if he could get "a woman's perspective" on computer science. And "a woman's perspective" on "being in a traditionally male field." And "what were the obstacles" I needed to overcome to succeed. And how ever was I managing to overcome them? I understand he was probably doing his best to make me feel included, but he was treating me like I was handicapped and just so, so special for managing to keep up (excel) in the coursework. Gag! Yes, I did eventually hit my limit of asking him why he thinks I need special praise, special support, special recognition for being a woman in the same field he was getting Bs and Cs in. I told him he was treating me like I was a trained monkey. He was exactly as upset as you can imagine. The last time he spoke to me was to tell me that I should be understanding that he's "trying to do the right thing" by making me feel comfortable in this environment. Long story short... I changed fields. I will never forget that twat.

Finally, one last point, and a bunch of people are going to hate it. When you go through the effort to include (or support) every single group in the world, except one, all you've done is draw a circle around a different group to single out. "Minorities... and women...." leaves exactly one group out. You know what it is.

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