People who have been cheated on, how did you find out and how did you take the news?

I met my ex-wife in sophomore year of high school. We instantly hit it off, and started dating about 2 months later.

We never had any problems, never had any fights, and everything seemed perfect. We didn't go to the same college but we went to colleges in the same state, so it wasn't hard to keep the relationship up.

We both graduated four years later, and I went back to school for two more years while she got a job that paid very well, at least for a recent college grad. At this point things were still great, and we had our entire lives ahead of us.

A year after this, I proposed to her. I took her to California, which was where we spent our first spring break together. She, of course, said yes, and things were still looking up.

Fast forward two years, and we are both employed in the same city, making a name for ourselves. We have had a couple of small fights at this point, but every day still seems better than the last. We decided to have a baby, and nine months later ended up having twins.

Two years after the twins were born, she became somewhat distant. Stopped saying bye when I left for work (about an hour before she normally did), sex was much less frequent, we stopped joking around. I'm not sure what happened, it just seemed like something had changed.

Well about a year ago, one of the twins, now six years old, told me he wanted to tell me something after dinner. He came up to my bedroom and told me that sometimes when I was away, mommy had naps with Caleb. Caleb was our next door neighbor, and to my knowledge had never met my wife.

I confronted her, and she admitted to cheating, but told me she only did it because she thought I was. This was bullshit as I had never slept with another woman.

I am now living by myself, I was fired from my job two months ago, and things are looking worse than ever.

Tl;dr - four year old son told me my wife was cheating on me

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