People who have been in a coma, what was it like from your perspective? Did you know you were in a coma?

I was in a coma after going into septic shock. I knew I was very sick, I had been flown to another hospital, but I do not recall the moment I went out for a bit. I had a NDE and woke up very soon after and couldn't move or speak because of all the wires and tubes and respirator. I remember my grandma telling my grandpa, "Well go on and touch her, she ain't gonna bite ya!" and then I was out again for days. I have a very brief memory in there where I tried to tell my very worried family that I was ok, I was floating. I tried to tell them with a wavy hand motion but they didn't get it and it was so much effort to just lift a hand. It was a little like how some people describe learning to move limbs during AP. Then I was out again. Really waking up and being present was an emotional and physical nightmare. My muscles had deteriorated, I had lost a ton of weight, I had a few bed sores, I was too week to use the bathroom on my own but no teenage girl wants to have a man change her diaper either. In my opnion, comas are overrated and I would not recommend.

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