People who have been kidnapped, if comfortable, whats your story?

Not me but a fiend. Less a kidnapping than a case of.. mistaken identity (I guess).

Mid 90's my friend is studying in Russia for a semester in the spirit of Peristroika. He's never been outside of the States but also happens to look like a giant slavic fellow (though hes from the midwest, not sure what the background to that is ).

Walking down the street in Moscow, minding his own business one day. An unmarked van speeds up alongside him, screeches to a halt and he is pulled inside by several men and a hood placed over his head. At this point, the poor fellow is basically crying and trying not to piss himself as his abductors begin yelling at him in Russian. He says he doesnt understand enough to make up the meaning of the yelling, and was too scared to be thinking straight regardless. All he can think of doing is to start saying "american.. american".. and pointing at his wallet where he carried a photocopy of his passport and student ID (as he was instructed to do just in case).

At that point, the captors grab him from behind and remove the wallet. A few seconds later the hood comes off and the van has stopped. Inside are four Russian police officers who are suddenly laughing at him (or themselves?) while comparing his passport photo to another photo they had in the van.

The police officers say in broken english "sorry.. wrong person" and open the door, pat my buddy on the back, and shove him out of the van.

Very confused, wiping off barely dried tears, my friend makes his way back to campus, though he says his hands were shaking with fear the entire walk back.

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