People who have been to the US, what was the biggest culture shock for you?

Everything just seemed super sized, not just the food but shops streets and all buildings. I went to Manhattan for a week and it was like I only scratched the surface of what is out there. Compared to Sydney where mainly everything is in an hours walking distance (main attractions of the city), it took an hour and a half to get from West Hollywood to Santa Monica which I thought was crazy.

Another thing and maybe this is just me but I felt like whenever I would say thank you to someone they would just reply with “sure” or “okay” like does no worries or something similar not exist over there? Or is it just an Australian thing (no disrespect lol)

Also the homeless people are not only more abundant but are a lot more forthcoming with you, I had a couple conversations with some which actually turned out to be very interesting which in Sydney they would just pass you by and exist in the background

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