People who bit the bullet and messaged your ex, where are you now with them, and was it a bad idea after all?

I was on the receiving end on this kind of recently (within 6mo). Ex messaged me on facebook, we hadn't spoke in 5+ years, I always thought she hated me for ending it (long story but it was a mistake in hindsight). Never forgot her and at times I'd be like "damn, I really had it good with Lola" when I was with other girls. We just clicked really well. The minute we seen each other after so long it was as if nothing had changed, kind of like a 5 year break, hormones were through the roof lol. She always knew I really did care for her so we're seeing each other again...not living together yet or anything but it's a pretty mutual feeling we are meant to be together.

She said she would hesitate from time to time about messaging me but just thought it would be hopeless. She was wrong, dead wrong & tbh the time apart, spending time with others, just kind of strengthened our bond once we got together again.

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