People who have came close to dying, what were your “last” thoughts?

I drank a bunch of otc cough pills mixed with otc sleep pills (Dxm and unisom) with some friends in high school. About an hour and half into my full on hallucinating trip (seeing and having conversations with people that weren’t there) I decided to leave. Living out in the sticks, I somehow ended up driving on a dirt road. To make things worse it was raining and I was on a road that is seldom traveled except by an occasional local border patrol. While driving down the road it occurred to me I was on the wrong road, going the wrong way. I proceeded to flip a bitch, barley slowing down, the low maintenance dirt road combined with the pouring rain caused me to completely loose traction. My back heavy GMC Jimmy lost control and I hit a bank hard. What I experienced was, what I would call, an out of body experience (probably brought on by my otc drug abuse.) From above the whole scene, I saw my Jimmy roll multiple times, and then almost like a time lapse I saw the sun rise, a border patrol pull up next to my car, then other emergency vehicles arrive and pull my body out of my car. Last thing I see is my crying mother identify my body, from there I went to another place I sometimes refer to as the “center of all human consciousness.” A bright and beautiful place that eventually lead to a pyramid like structure where I talked a pure light being. This being told me how my actions affect people in my life, people I didn’t even know would ever be affected by my selfish decisions. The light being or “God” proceeded to tell me I wasn’t meant to belong at this place yet but that I needed to remember the trip in order to help other people. Next thing I know I’m coming to, still inside my car about to make the turn that would lead to me rolling my car. I slam on my brakes, this time missing the road bank. Safe from my eminent death, I then drive home and promptly fall asleep shortly after getting inside. Completely forgot anything had happened until my friend asked me where I went that night. Suddenly the whole experience comes back to me, never to be forgotten. After that experience I’ve never driven under the influence again and use that entire experience as a story to inspire people to consider how their actions can affect so many people. Even people they would have never imagined to be effected. I’ve never had an experience like that again and after I had that “trip” I got really into the Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying and have used what I’ve learned to help anyone I can. Maybe it was just a full blown hallucination but, either way, that hallucination has helped me make changes in my life in many positive ways and not only that, but several peoples who have listened to my story, have told me how my experience has helped them rethink how they make decisions that could affect the ones the love. If my “hallucination” helped at least one person avoid driving intoxicated, drug abuse (even over the counter), or even just doing something selfish that can result in self harm, then I’m okay with it.

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