People who have came close to dying, what were your “last” thoughts?

So years ago I had what I thought was a run of the mill ear infection. I was getting them fairly frequently at the time and because I kept getting pseudomonas bacteria they had to use specific antibiotics. It wasn't getting better and I was having trouble functioning - at the doctor surgery i looked so bad they let my lay down on one of the beds there instead of sitting in the waiting room. The doctor kept giving me increasingly strong pain killers.

I'm not a spiritual person and don't really believe in anything but that night I had a very strange dream where there were a group of people standing around debating whether or not I get to keep living or not. I remember pleading very strongly to keep living. The meeting didn't feel life or death though- more like a day to day work meeting. The next morning I woke up and told myself to calm down it was just an ear infection.

The ear infection continued and i my vision started to go wonky so I went to the eye doctor. The optometrist took one look at my scans and sent me to the emergency room. It turns out I was allergic to the fluroquinolone antibiotics they had given me and it has caused severe brain swelling. It took me about 6 months to get back to normal but I still wonder what the hell that dream was about - also glad i pushed to keep going.

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