People who say they can't cook simply have no interest in learning how to cook.

Wooooo, wooooo, hold your horses there Alanis Morisette!

Because I don't think what you're saying actually meets the true definition of irony!

That's because, what you're essentially saying, in the end, is that top restaurants like to hire people enthusiastic about cooking, but who haven't gone to the top chef schools!

(Perhaps because the managers of SOME top restaurants perceive the top chef schools as being perhaps too snobby and messing with the minds of the chefs too much! And they don't want to spend their time deprogramming the chefs!)


I agree with you on that point at least:

I'm indeed sure a lot of top restaurants take chances with chefs and cooks who did NOT undergo formal "snobby" training at top chef schools!

BUT... nevertheless I will also GUARANTEE one other thing:

A top restaurant is NOT going to willingly hire someone who hates cooking, or has ZERO interest in it!?

That makes no sense!

So ya...

That's what this post is about: people who do NOT have an interest in cooking, and do NOT want to cook!

And those are NOT people that top restaurants are going to hire!

If they do, they will NOT remain top restaurants for very long!

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