People who care more about animals than humans make me sick

My first ever interaction on Reddit...

All I really want to do is remind people that humans ARE animals. Don't be so pretentious as to uplift humanity beyond the natural world. We exist beside it, not above it.

With that said, our efforts should establish the betterment of all things. We've reached a level of sentience and intelligence that makes us hyper-aware of our actions and how they effect everything from our neighbor to a tree in New Guinea. I mean this both individually and on a large societal scale.

Also, I am in agreement with the breeding and entertainment abuse. Selective breeding for certain traits in pets is cruel. Like pugs and their flat faces. And we shouldn't domesticate wild animals in homes or zoos.

The point on pets being push overs and not retaliating against you as a person is a stretch to me. Especially considering your remark about being intolerant to disagreements. I mean, how true can that be in today's sociopolitical climate. Not many people cower from disagreeing.

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