People who have degrees that are frequently mocked, but are doing financially well, what are you doing and how did you get there?

I have Bachelor of Arts in a field where it's useless unless you get a Masters to go with it. The job I have now is at the company where I already worked part-time when I was finishing my Bachelor and realised that I REALLY didn't want to continue in the field I studied. So I asked my company if I could pass to full time while I figured my shit out. Eventually I realised that I really liked my company's field, had learned enough on the job and earned their trust that I was able to apply for a well-paying writing job in another department after about 5 years. I also completed a part-time MBA in the meantime, so they knew I was somewhat future-oriented. Although this is Europe where company loyalty perhaps pays off more than in North America. I don't earn as much as my banker friends, but it's enough to live comfortably, I don't have to wear a suit, my hours are flexible, have plenty of vacation time due to having been in the company for 10+ years and I get to work from home at least a day a week.

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