People who have destroyed a public bathroom stall by shitting everywhere, walls, floor, etc. HOW? What led to this happening and how did you manage to get shit everywhere? If you did it intentionally, why?

Oh boy, I hope I don’t get dozed for this.

I was on drugs and alcohol, so it’s very blurry.

So I was at a campsite. A gypsy one, so hygiene standards aren’t great anyway.

Earlier that day I remember having a fried chicken sandwich, but I dropped the chicken onto the floor of the bar and because I hadn’t eaten for some time, I picked it up and went about the rest of my business of getting hammered.

Later on, I lost control of my faculties one by one. Time slowed down, my ass seemed a long way away and I just couldn’t coordinate getting it to the bathroom stall at all. Also, what happened had some force behind it that I was not used to, being a fairly clean living sort of person, apart from the drugs and alcohol.

My shits were so bad my entire culture was banned from that place and still is to this day. They literally bar the windows when it’s visiting time, so oops.

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