People who don't want kids, why?

Yup. I grew up with 5 younger siblings (all in the same household, same parents) so I feel like I’ve already experienced “having kids.”

Now as an adult I’m really enjoying my privacy, freedom, peace and quiet and the ability to have a few nice things and personal space of my own because I didn’t have that for the first 20 years of my life. I’m also getting to finally travel a bit, and enjoy some hobbies like skiing and attending MLB games which we could not do when I was a kid (my dad worked hard but any vacation or activity expense for 8 people would have been quite the expense!)

Also, kids are very expensive and require a lot of time. I work long hours and don’t make enough to comfortably support a family. I can pay my bills, but if you added childcare costs plus a family health plan into the mix, I would not be able to. My younger siblings have kids so I enjoy hanging out with my niece and nephews.

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