People who drank to quell anxiety - what helped when you went off booze?

I wish I knew. When I quit previously for 9 months I was just as anxious as I was drinking. I worked out hard 4 days a week, didn't drink caffeine, had a sober social circle, fun hobbies. I would still shake from anxiety and nervousness, I was just as avoidant with my problems (paying debt, talking to family, figuring out life goals). So I went back to drinking, because at least it was fun....

Anyway, I've stopped drinking again because now I have been having health problems from drinking. It's not worth it. Unfortunately I will have anxiety forever. It's either no anxiety and killing myself with booze, or lots of anxiety and staying healthy.

Sorry to be a downer, I just think that realism can help. It helps for me that I know that some things just suck. But I would still rather pick the sober life 10/10 times.

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