People who have encountered or saw a serial killer in their lives, how did it feel like? How was the interaction like?

Kind of off topic but relevant experience

When I was a teen working at Taco Bell, one of my coworkers was an African refugee. Extremely sweet but quiet. When we would joke around during down time she would usually observe and smile. And she had a very long scar down her forearm. Only saw it when she rolled up her sleeves when it was hot.

One day her car broke down and my manager called to ask if I could get her. I say 'sure' and swing by to pick her up. We head off to work and I felt like since we had worked with each other for a little over a year she wouldn't mind if I asked. So I said something like, "Hey I hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you get that scar on your arm?".

And she looked out the window and said, "there was a war in my country".

That was it. And I didn't press any further. After that I had an unexpected level of admiration and respect for her. Hope she's doing well.

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