People who have encountered or saw a serial killer in their lives, how did it feel like? How was the interaction like?

I technically met BTK/dennis rader for all of 20 seconds when I was a child. He came over to complain to my dad about a dog in our back yard making a lot of noise. The interaction was boring, the dreariness of everyday life. I had met him before I learned that BTK was a thing, which was a year before he was caught.

After he was caught was when things got fucking weird in Kansas. It felt like every adult above the age of 35 had an unnatural obsession with learning about the case. It got to a point where i would never let an older adult drive me anywhere. They would always make a detour to some random building, stop in front of it and start asking questions like "Do you know what was tied to a support column in that churches basement?".

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