People who have found their friends "secret" Reddit accounts, what was the most shocking thing you found out about them?

A couple years ago I made friends with this older couple that lived in the area (they weren't old, they were like 23 and I was 18 at the time). I would hang out with them at their apartment a lot because they lived off campus where all the parties were, I basically lived with them on the weekends because after my frat socials I could just walk to there house and crash instead of figuring out how to get a 20 minute ride back to campus

One day my 23-year-old friend calls me and asks if I wanted to come over and smoke. So I head over there and get in the house and he's rolling up and looking upset. He tells me that his girlfriend packed up her shit a few days ago and left without saying a word. He had been calling her and texting her and she wouldn't answer anything. He has no idea what he did wrong and he's pretty down on himself. Now I'm pretty surprised because this guy is a really nice, chill dude and it seemed like they both had a pretty good thing going, but at the same time she was pretty dramatic and emotional at times.

So we talk and chill for a few hours and he asks me if I want to hang out for the rest of the day, he feels like shit and doesn't want to go to the bars. I say sure because I was taking a break from alcohol for a little anyways. The plan was to just get wicked stoned and play videogames and order food for the rest of the night.

I headed over to his computer to double check my emails and shit for any assignments that may be due like I usually do before I get really high. Check my email and my schools portal and I didn't miss anything. Naturally I need to check Reddit. I type it in the browser and click enter and my account is already logged in with a bunch of notifications from my most recent post... My post from a few days ago in one of those relationship subreddits about how I got blackout drunk at my frats social last weekend (hence why I was taking a break from alcohol) and cheated on my girlfriend. I literally don't remember any of it, I was told the next day by one of my brothers what I did, and I was seeking advice on the internet because everyone around me was saying forget about it. I read through the comments and got some really good advice. Then I logged out of my account out of my friends computer and made sure it wasn't saved, walked over to my friend, and confessed that I cheated on my girlfriend last weekend and explained the situation.

"Damn, that's rough, but you gotta be honest with her man." Is what he said, similar to the Internet advice.

I also confessed that I made a Reddit post about my situation.

And that I used his computer when writing the post.

And that I probably forgot to close Reddit on his computer after writing the post.

And that his girlfriend probably went on the computer, saw the post, and assumed that it was his account and that he cheated on her.

He looked at me with his bloodshot red eyes, high as a kite, and said, "Wow" in the most relaxed, intrigued way you could ever imagine.

I texted his girlfriend and told her that if she left because of a Reddit post she saw on the computer that it was my account and my post and it was my bad. She was really mad at me.

She moved back in the next day, unamused. My friend thought it was hilarious.

This story is also why my reddit username is just my first name.

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