People who have gone through with a craigslist casual encounter, what was your experience and how did it turn out? NSFW

She was 18. She posted some face pics, I figured it would be a spam account. I penned a reasonable response and replied anyway. She responded with her phone number. We texted back and forth and traded a few more pics. Eventually we arranged a meeting a couple days out. It was to be car sex, she was a screamer that still lived at home and it was a 30 minute drive between our homes.

So the night of, I confirmed one more time that she was in fact 18, she said yes. I got in my car and drove her way. That was a nerve filled ride. Was she real? Was she who she said she was? Was I about to somehow get Chris Hansoned? It was then that I realized I never really asked for anything specific out of her pics. I text her on the highway to write my name on a piece of paper and take a selfie with that. Send. Then I wait. And wait. I watch the miles tick by. After about 10 minutes, my phone buzzes. She responded and appeared to be the same girl as before. At this point I was just a few minutes away. I parked at the end of her block as agreed and she said she'd be out shortly. I was on pins and needles. Looking for any movement. Was I going to get jumped? Arrested? Held up? Then she came out of the shadows. I unlocked my door and she got in. She said to go up the road and park wherever. Right in front of the neighbors house one block down? Sure, why not. I look at her, we awkwardly start making out. The motions are there, but I wasn't really mentally in it. My hands wander south and so do hers. She whips my dick out and starts sucking. Good god it was amazing head. Even without being there mentally, I was into it. The perfect mix of suction, tongue, and a gentle stroking as it happened. And she kept going. I was fingering her the whole time and she was moaning very loudly. The windows were fogging but I kept an eye out for any movement. Eventually I came in her mouth, the first time I've ever cum from a bj. She asks if I still want to fuck, at this point I'm really disillusioned and in a weird place. I drop her off instead. I don't think she was happy about how it ended.

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