People who grew up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles - What was it like?

No worries, no offence but I don't need my memories (fuzzy and vague as they may be) to be legitimised by strangers on the internet.

Equally you're free to disbelieve a pick them apart at your leisure.

I'm not saying it was a full on riot by the way it was more of a disturbance or cause for concern and not in the immediate vicinity outside the base but on the way to the hospital nonetheless.

Anyway it got me curious so I asked my mum, my dad doesn't like talking about his time there. She said we lived in Antrim and then moved to Aldergrove.

1st year we lived near massereene barracks, then 3 yrs in Aldergrove where I went Strathaven primary school. I was taken into Belfast hospital twice for surgery on my bollocks.

She said she blames my dads C/O for what happened as it's likely if I went in a civvie car or ambulance it wouldn't have got any attention, but his overreaction made it look like a squaddie going to hospital not a child.

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