people who grew up rich but turned out poor what is your story?

My mom’s family was pretty wealthy. She tells stories about going with her grandma to pick outfits off of runways or something. My grandparents both worked in a time when women didn’t, they both had multiple degrees. My uncles were in turn educated and well off. My mom was sent to boarding school for poor behavior for high school and didn’t finish college. She married really young and had kids.

There was a time when we weren’t super poor, she divorced the first guy and started seeing my dad and had me. My parents split. And then Mom lost her license because someone tattled on her for drugs. After that it was really bad. We wouldn’t have certain utilities and sometimes the house would be close to foreclosure—I remember standing at the bus stop with wet hair literally freezing in the winter. My hair would be hard bc it was frozen.

As an adult I would consider myself close to upper middle class. My thing is I never want my family and I to go without basic things like heat or electricity. I want to be able to give my kids a comfortable life so that they’re set up for success. My brothers and I really weren’t and 1/3 kids are successful and live comfortably.

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