People who had laser eye surgery to correct their vision. Any advice? Anything you wish you knew beforehand?

Your eyes will almost certainly be drier after the surgery than they were beforehand. I never had a problem with dry eyes before, but now I use eye drops about once a day.

Also, there's a very real possibility that you will get some level of halos/starbursts in your vision that are noticeable when you look at bright lights. Many doctors do not recommend laser eye surgery because of these complications. Issues are under-reported because most people don't want to admit that their surgery didn't go 100% as planned. A "successful surgery" only means that you can see the eye chart, it does not account for any complications or side effects that impact daily convenience.

Finally, your vision is going to naturally get worse as you age and you will eventually need glasses/contacts again. Weigh the cost + risk of side effects vs the length of time that you will be able to take advantage of your better vision.

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