People who use 'SO' instead of husband, wife, fiancé, boyfriend or girlfriend. Why?

Well, when I refer to my own Girlfriend, I refer to her as my Goddess... my light of life... my soul mate... my sex kitten... um... so ya, you get the point...

But when I'm interacting with someone on Reddit, and I don't even know their sex, or orientation, or marital status, I will often use the term "significant other" or "SO" for short, in reference to their "spouse".

It sounds better than reproductive-mate!

Given that a huge number of other people on Reddit also don't immediately know the person's sex, or orientation, or marital status... everyone just defaults to "SO".

Hope that answers your question?

But if you are still perplexed about this social convention, let me know, and I can explain it further!

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